Multi-sectored samplers

Supplier: VWR Collection

300-0293EA 31041 INR
300-0293 300-0167 300-0169 300-0168 300-0292 300-0170
Multi-sectored samplers
Samplers Sample Dippers
Multi-sectored samplers for sampling powders, pellets and friable materials, which may become non homogeneous in bags at various levels. The models with separate sections are mainly used for chemical or physical analysis; models with communicating sections are used for microbiological analysis.

  • Penetrating tip in stainless steel for all models

Suitable for collecting cereals, grains, seeds and rice from trucks, bulk containers and silos - made in anodised aluminium or stainless steel.

Method of use: The T handle is turned to close the cells and the steel point is inserted through the bag wall or the commodity. When the sampler is deep enough to cover the different sectors, the handle is turned a half turn to allow samples to enter and then returned to the original position. The sampler is then removed and the different samples placed into containers for analysis.
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