Powder Packs, silica, reagents for Hach® instruments

Supplier: VWR Chemicals
85627.620EA 15124 INR
85627.620 85625.620 85626.620
Powder Packs, silica, reagents for Hach® instruments
Environmental Test Kits
VWR Powder Pack reagents are designed to be used on all the laboratory and portable Hach® instruments with 16 mm cell capability. No calibration data is necessary; they can be used with the Hach® instrument calibrations, handling is identical to the corresponding Hach® reagents. The pillows, individually sealed in aluminium foil packs, are unaffected by ambient conditions and contain pre-measured powder reagents for accuracy, convenience and great solubility.

  • Accurate
  • Fast and convenient by easier dissolution than tablets and long shelf life
  • No calibration necessary
  • Identical handling to the corresponding Hach® reagents

RS = Powder Pack reagent set
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