Mop heads, cleanroom, PurSPONGE

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
129-0051EA 23715 INR
VWRU89032-174 129-0051 129-2504 129-0054 129-0047 VWRU89032-178 129-0048 129-0052 VWRU82024-324 129-0053
Mop heads, cleanroom, PurSPONGE
Mops suitable for wet wiping in sterile areas and cleanrooms. One-piece, made from highly absorbent polyurethane. These coated mop heads are ideal for disinfecting rough or sharp edged surfaces, while still ensuring excellent take-up of liquids.

Models available for use with Perfex or Roll-O-Matic® handles:
-Perfex model, made from PU (on PE base), coated or uncoated
-Roll-O-Matic® model made from highly absorbent PU sponge with clamp, available with or without coating

Ordering information: Perfex or Roll-O-Matic® mop handles are not included. These must be ordered separately.
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