Laboratory and glassware washers, PG 8535 and PG 8536

Supplier: Miele

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Laboratory and glassware washers, PG 8535 and PG 8536
Glassware Washing Machines
These cleaning and disinfection machines with integrated drying system and drawer have been designed for the treatment of clinical instruments and for washing laboratory glassware in research laboratories, biology and pharmaceutical industries. The new PG 85 range offers a wide range of innovations such as freely programmable PROFITRONIC+ controls, PerfectSpeed spray arm monitoring, temperature independent PerfectFlow dispensing control on the basis of ultrasound as well as PerfectPureSensor conductivity metering.

  • Freely programmable PROFITRONIC+ controls with 64 program slots and standardised cleaning and disinfection programs; vacant program slots for user-compiled programs
  • Perfect economy: durable materials, short cycle times, lower water and energy consumption
  • Hygienic water supply system with fresh water intake at each program stage
  • Optimum user convenience and precisely defined wash processes
  • No manual pre- or post-cleaning

PerfectTouchControl: Simple to use, washer/disinfectors from the PG 85 series feature a touch sensitive display. A fully flush, chemical resistant display screen makes for simple and effective wipe disinfection. The interface involves the use of only a very limited number of controls; all steps in the process appear in the display in the user’s own language. Users can select from a list of 20 languages.

PerfectSpeedSensor: To guarantee perfect and safe cleaning and disinfection results, the rotational speed of the spray arms must be within defined limits. With the new PerfectSpeed spray arm sensor, the speed of each individual spray arm is precisely monitored and documented – whether in the cabinet or onboard baskets and mobile units. The spray arm monitoring feature uses a sensor strip located outside the cabinet to detect the passage of spray arms and to ensure that speeds are within range. Information shown in the display indicates whether the values are correct or whether the user must intervene. In the event of a deviation from target values, either an error message is issued or the program is interrupted immediately to allow the user to deal with the cause of the fault, depending on system parameters.

PerfectFlowSensor: Miele’s new PerfectFlowSensor using ultrasound technology offers considerably greater safety margins than conventional systems. The PerfectFlowSensor is a standard feature on the PG 85 series and guarantees an unparallelled degree of precision in controlling and monitoring volumetric flow, independent of viscosity and ambient temperatures. Any deviation from target quantities are safely detected and the reproducibility of validated processes guaranteed. An error message is issued or the program is aborted if values are outside the tolerance range.
External casing and tank in stainless steel.

PerfectPureSensor: Residue in the final rinse water can have a negative impact on reprocessing performance, sometimes even with catastrophic consequences. With the new PerfectPureSensor conductivity monitoring system featured by the new PG 8536, undesirable substances in the rinse water such as dissolved salts from alkaline or acidic process chemicals are reliably detected and limited to levels defined by the user. Recording conductivity over the entire process offers increased safety in ensuring the precise reproducibility of validated processes.

Certifications: Conforms to VDE, VDE-EMC, DVGW, MDD CE 0366, IP 20

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