Microfibre Mop cleaning system


VWR® Collection Microfibre Mop
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Microfibre Mop cleaning system
The VWR® Microfibre Mop cleaning system offers a total cleaning solution for floors, walls and ceilings. This system does not require any specific training as it is very simple and flexible to use.

  • Cost effective: One mop can clean up to 25 m²
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Depending on the need, the mop frame unit can be inserted in the flat wringer in order to get the desired mop moisture: Wet for disinfection or moist for cleaning

The VWR® Microfibre Mop cleaning system consists of:
-Stainless steel trolley, equipped with a choice of either two or three buckets
-Ergonomic flat wringer
-Ergonomic telescopic handle and mop frame
-Low friction, microfibre VWR® controlled environment mops

VWR® controlled environment microfibre mop:
-Made from 100% PES microfibre. Laser-cut for lint-free ends
-Excellent mechanical cleaning performance
-For floors, walls and ceilings
-Heat and chemical resistant, suitable for sterilisation (autoclave or radiation)

Certifications: Complies with both ISO Class 5 and GMP A+B requirements.

Caution: All components are autoclavable.
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