Pipette holder, wall mountable

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
612-5783EA 4543 INR
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Pipette holder, wall mountable
Pipette Stands
This universal wall mount made from robust ABS holds two single channel, or two multi-channel pipettes, or a combination of both.

  • Can securely hold virtually every known brand of pipette
  • Inserts on the upper segments can be added or removed to accommodate the fit of various pipette widths
  • Enables one handed removal or replacement of pipettes
  • Pipettes are held in a vertical position to help prevent contamination
  • Unit is not autoclavable but can be cleaned with soap/water or common laboratory disinfectants

The pipette holder comes with two wall mounting brackets that can hold two pipettes each and is supplied with different or identically coloured upper and lower segments, that easily slide into place. The differently coloured version enables labs to colour code their pipette holders for quick identification purposes, or a user can personalise the holder in the colours of their choice.

Delivery information: The differently coloured version includes: 6 lower holders (2× blue, 2× green, 2× clear) and 6 upper holders (2× blue, 2× green, 1× purple, 1× yellow).
The all purple version includes: 6 lower holders and 6 upper holders (all in purple).
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