One-Step Fast qRT-PCR kits, qScript™

Supplier: Quanta Biosciences
733-1903EA 100500 INR
One-Step Fast qRT-PCR kits, qScript™
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These kits offer a convenient and highly sensitive solution for Real-Time reverse transcriptase PCR (qRT-PCR) of RNA templates using hybridisation probe detection chemistries, such as TaqMan® 5'-hydrolysis probes.

The system allows cDNA synthesis and PCR amplification to be carried out in the same tube. It is ideal for highly sensitive quantification of RNA viruses or low abundance RNA targets, as well as high throughput gene expression studies. It has also been optimised to deliver maximum RT-PCR efficiency, sensitivity, and specificity in reduced reaction volumes and fast cycle times.

One-step fast master mixes are provided as a 4X concentrated solution to allow addition of higher amounts of RNA template and improved detection sensitivity with low concentration samples. The unique formulation maximises the activities of both reverse transcriptase and Taq DNA polymerase while minimising the potential for primer-dimer and other non specific PCR artifacts. This enables unbiased co-amplification of low copy transcripts in the presence of higher copy reference genes in duplexed qRT-PCR applications.

Highly specific amplification is crucial to successful qRT-PCR, as non specific product(s) can compete for amplification of the target sequence and impair PCR efficiency. A key component of these kits is AccuStart™ Taq DNA Polymerase with monoclonal antibodies that bind to the polymerase and keep it inactive during reaction assembly and the 50 °C reverse transcription step. A brief 30 second heat activation step at 95 °C irreversibly denatures the antibodies, releasing fully active, unmodified Taq DNA polymerase. Rapid recovery of fully active, unmodified Taq DNA polymerase is critical for efficient extension kinetics. Therefore, these kits afford greater reagent economy and laboratory throughput on conventional or fast qPCR systems.

Ordering information: Kits are available for all Real-Time PCR instrument platforms including those requiring normalisation with ROX reference dye.
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