Laboratory washer-disinfector, PG 8583 CD

Supplier: Miele
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Laboratory washer-disinfector, PG 8583 CD
Glassware Washing Machines
Miele washer/disinfectors represent a professional solution for laboratory glassware for analytical experiments. This approach is particularly gentle on materials and is recommended by leading manufacturers of laboratory glassware.

  • 'Touch-on-steel' controls with three-line text display such as program name, actual/target temperature and remaining program time
  • Program catering for all disciplines and vacant program slots for user-specific programs
  • Freely assignable direct-access buttons and individually selectable program names for fast access to routine tasks
  • AutoOpen / ComfortClose: For the user, ComfortClose means that very little force is required to close the door as the door is automatically drawn closed and locked
  • The salt container with a capacity of approx. 2 kg is located in the door
  • Optimised spray arms with 6 sensors, 2 are responsible for monitoring the rotation of the spray arms in the machine and the other 4 monitor the spray arms on board load carriers
  • 4-fold filter system with large surface filter, coarse filter, glass breakage filter and micro-fine filter
  • Hygienic freshwater system with fresh water intake for each programme stage

Greater capacity: An increased throughput capacity is the result of the new cabinet dimensions in combination with optimised load carriers and results in savings in terms of time, space and investments. Laboratory glassware turnaround is increased and work is speeded up at peak hours. Less space is needed for the storage of goods awaiting reprocessing. In large laboratories, this reduces investment costs as the same volume of glassware can be cleaned using fewer machines and fewer load carriers. The capacity per cycle when washing for example 50–100 ml round flasks and bottles has been increased by no less than 388 % compared with the G 78xx series.

Greater purity: Improved cleaning performance dispenses with the need for manual post-cleaning. The hygienic reprocessing is guaranteed by high-grade stainless steel cabinet welded using laser technology resulting in a crevice-free inner cabinet which prevents dirt accumulation. Heater elements relocated to the heater pump, offers no nooks and crevices where soil can collect and reduces detergent carryover. No puddles of water remain and laboratory glassware is free from any traces which could impair the next series of analytical experiments.

Greater flexibility: The new modular approach to baskets in the laboratory field guarantees maximum flexibility combined with intuitive operation as modules can be reconfigured for different loads and reassembled. This flexible design and range of combination options reduces the number of load carriers needed and reduces both procurement costs and storage space. The range and variety of programmes allows clients to use targeted programmes tailored to the degree of soiling and the type and quantity of glassware. In addition, it is also possible to compile client-specific programmes to meet the need for greater individuality.

In PG 8583 EcoDry drying machine door automatically opens at the end of a programme once the temperature in the cabinet has dropped below 70 °C. Hot, moisture-laden air is released, allowing the load to dry and cool down faster.

Certifications: Compliance with IP 20, EN 980, EN 62304 and EN 50581.

Ordering information: Baskets and accessories must be ordered separately.
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