Laboratory washer-disinfector, PG 8593

Supplier: Miele
141-1254EA 0 INR
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Laboratory washer-disinfector, PG 8593
Glassware Washing Machines
These high capacity lab washers with efficient hot air drying (“DryPlus”) provide an optimum cleaning and disinfection performance for up to 128 laboratory flasks or 98 pipettes per cycle.

  • Variable speed heater pump: Wash pressure is perfectly tailored to the changing requirements
  • Efficient hot air drying: Ideal for drying hollow body instruments or narrow-lumened laboratory glassware
  • Crevice-free wash cabinet: Perfect hygiene through optimised geometry and laser welding
  • Spray pressure and spray arm monitoring detects any loss in pressure as well as load items preventing spray arm rotation
  • AutoClose: Gentle pressure against the door is sufficient for it to be drawn closed and locked automatically
  • Buzzer (acoustic signal) at end of programme
  • Inclined control panel with stainless-steel surface and embedded “touch-on-steel” controls
  • One integrated dispenser pump for liquid cleaning agents

"CM" models feature conductivity monitoring: Residues from chemical agents during the final rinse phase can compromise the reprocessing result. Conductivity monitoring of the wash water facilitates the detection of such residues and their reduction to a defined level through further rinsing. This means that the reprocessing is more reliable, more resource-friendly and also reproducible.

"OIL" models feature oil and grease-resistant seals.

"DOS" models are supplied with the DOS K 85 dispenser module for liquid alkaline detergents and chemical disinfectants.

Certifications: Compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, VDE, IP 21, EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-40 and EN 50581.

Ordering information: Baskets and accessories must be ordered separately.
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