HPLC/UHPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® Extended Method Development Kits, 3 µm

Supplier: Avantor Performance Materials
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MDKE-3-10005S MDKE-3-05005 MDKE-3-75005S MDKE-3-1203U MDKE-3-7502U MDKE-3-0502U MDKE-3-1502U MDKE-3-0346U MDKE-3-7501 MDKE-3-0501S MDKE-3-1201 MDKE-3-1246U MDKE-3-1002U MDKE-3-10005 MDKE-3-15005S MDKE-3-05005S MDKE-3-03005 MDKE-3-0302U MDKE-3-75005 MDKE-3-1501 MDKE-3-0202U MDKE-3-0301 MDKE-3-1001S MDKE-3-12005S MDKE-3-1202U MDKE-3-1046U MDKE-3-0301S MDKE-3-0546U MDKE-3-7503U MDKE-3-1003U MDKE-3-7501S MDKE-3-0503U MDKE-3-1001 MDKE-3-3546U MDKE-3-12005 MDKE-3-0246U MDKE-3-0501 MDKE-3-03005S MDKE-3-3502U MDKE-3-2503U MDKE-3-15005 MDKE-3-1501S MDKE-3-0203U MDKE-3-7546U MDKE-3-2546U MDKE-3-3503U MDKE-3-1201S MDKE-3-0303U MDKE-3-1546U MDKE-3-1503U MDKE-3-2502U
HPLC/UHPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® Extended Method Development Kits, 3 µm
Chromatography Columns
Avantor® ACE® Method Development Kits (MDK) are designed to maximise selectivity, offering a powerful and reliable approach to UHPLC/HPLC method development. Based upon an ultra-inert, high efficiency silica, Avantor® ACE® phases incorporate the latest developments in LC stationary phase design, providing chromatographers with more choices for alternative selectivity, without compromising stability or robustness. A complete range of kits for all requirements is available, including porous, solid core and bioanalytical 300 Å column kits. These kits group together the essential column chemistries for method development and are available in a wide range of column formats including 0,5 and 1,0 mm microbore IDs.

  • Porous, solid core and biomolecule kit options
  • Wide range of particle sizes (1,7 to 5 µm) and complementary phases
  • Microbore (0,5 mm) to analytical (4,6 mm) IDs in a wide range of column lengths
  • Ideal for method development
  • Compatible with all manufacturers' LC systems

Maximum recommended pH: 2,0 to 8,0 (1,5 to 11,5 for SuperC18™)

Max. pressure: 400 bar for microbore columns, 1000 bar for analytical columns

Delivery information: Avantor® ACE® Extended Method Development Kits contain Avantor® ACE® SuperC18™, Avantor® ACE® C18-Amide and Avantor® ACE® CN-ES stainless steel columns.
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