Laboratory glassware washers, large capacity, G 7825

Supplier: Miele

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Laboratory glassware washers, large capacity, G 7825
Glassware Washing Machines
Designed to provide high-throughput glassware cleaning in areas where space is at a premium, the Miele G7825 is ideal for cleaning both large volumes of small items and hard-to-clean large items. This high tech system features user-friendly Profitronic programming system for easy programming, a fully modular basket system for wash load flexibility, and an automatic basket recognition system to help eliminate user error.

  • Freestanding appliance, building-in width 900 mm
  • Single chamber system for cleaning, disinfection and drying
  • Accept a variety of interchangeable standard and injection baskets
  • Double insulation prevents heat and noise emissions
  • Hygienic fresh water rinsing system with a change or water after every rinsing phase
  • Include a 21 litre tank for preheating DI water (preheating temperature is adjustable from 60 to 90 °C)
  • 2 spray arms in the wash cabinet for the thorough surface cleaning of instrumnets
  • Insjector system for the thorough cleaning of hollow instruments
  • Controls: freely programmable Profitronic controls, 64 programme places (12 standard programmes, 8 service programmes, 44 free programme places)
  • 3-fold filter system with wash cabinet filter, coarse filter and micro-fine filter
  • Dispensing systems: 2 integrated pumps for cleaning and neutralising agent - optional: 2 additional dispenser pumps

This high performance device is freestanding and is fairly compact with a width of just 900 mm. It can hold 104 pipettes and 108 narrow necked flasks. It features a single, drop down door and has been double insulated in order to ensure any noises are absorbed and to be able to offer the optimum heat. Able to effectively handle all laboratory glassware preparation, the G7825 is a front loading machine with a drop down door. The unit can be installed singly or in a row side-by-side.

Construction: the exterior is made from brush finished stainless steel AISI 304, the interior from stainless steel AISI 316

Certifications: Comprehensive safety features in accordance with EN ISO 15883

Ordering information: Baskets and inserts must be ordered separately
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