Test kits, drop count tests/

Supplier: Hach
HACH222301EA 0 INR
HACH222301 HACH222702 HACH42632 HACH2440000 HACH2408532 HACH2314500 HACH2444300 HACH146900 HACH208601 HACH145300 HACH145201 HACH2308100 HACH70532 HACH225401 HACH2437500 HACH2437700 HACH2437600 HACH2437800 HACH145700 HACH145400 HACH143601 HACH2183100 HACH145701 HACH2687200 HACH148002 HACH144001 HACH2408549 HACH2291700
Test kits, drop count tests/
Environmental Test Kits
The drop count test is a simple, easy and cost-effective way to test for many parameters like chlorine, chloride, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphite, nitrogen, formaldehyde, and more.

  • Portable - ideal for use in field or in lab
  • Used as a quick reference or for confirmatory test with colour indicator
  • Reagents supplied with the kit

Caution: Please note some of the reagents supplied in the kits are hazardous, and appropriate precautions should be taken for use and disposal. Please contact Avantor for details.
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