HPLC tubing, Upchurch Scientific®

Supplier: IDEX Health & Science

UPCHU-145 UPCHU-165 554-3219 UPCHU-138 UPCHU-133 UPCHU-135 554-3241 UPCHU-113 UPCHU-126 UPCHU-144 UPCHU-143 554-3271 554-3218 UPCHU-1130 554-3220 UPCHU-128 UPCHU-150 554-3230 UPCHU-142 UPCHU-164 554-3233 554-3224 UPCHU-141 554-3216 UPCHU-106 554-3238 UPCHU-116 UPCHU-149 554-3222 UPCHU-130 554-3231 554-3214 UPCHU-158 UPCHU-131 UPCHU-800 UPCHU-148 UPCHU-104 UPCHU-136 554-3226 554-3236 UPCHU-101 UPCHU-118 UPCHU-163 UPCHU-147 UPCHU-156 UPCHU-115 554-3232 UPCHU-129 UPCHU-160 UPCHU-132 UPCHU-134 UPCHU-139 554-3217 UPCHU-162 554-3223 554-3227 554-3221 UPCHU-161 554-3234 554-3229 UPCHU-157 UPCHU-108 UPCHU-155 UPCHU-127 554-3225 554-3235 UPCHU-102 554-3240 UPCHU-803 UPCHU-140 554-3215 UPCHU-103 554-3239 UPCHU-117 UPCHU-137 UPCHU-151 UPCHU-146
HPLC tubing, Upchurch Scientific®
Tubing HPLC Tubing
Stainless steel

  • Seamless and pre-cut to ensure burr-free, flat connections
  • Rockwell Hardness (B) is maximum of 95
  • Many sizes feature a colour-coded band for easy ID identification
  • These products are RoHS compliant and meet ASTM A-269-10 and A-213

Each machine-cut end is polished, deburred on the inside and outside edges, and then the entire tubing is passivated. Finally, reagent-grade isopropanol is flushed through each piece. The thorough preparation and cleaning procedure guarantees tubing that is truly ready-to-use, with flat, burr-free ends and a clean finish. This care is important in achieving zero-dead-volume connections and good chromatographic results. Additionally, this tubing can be sterilised by numerous methods; however, if the tubing needs to be autoclaved, the colour-coded band (if present) should be removed beforehand.

Ordering information: Stainless tubing are available in 1/16" and 1/8" outside diameter (OD) sizes, as well as 0,020" and 1/32" OD capillary sizes.
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