Micro pipettes, disposable, Microcaps®

Supplier: Drummond
DRUM1-000-1000EA 0 INR
DRUM1-000-1000 DRUM1-000-0020 DRUM1-000-0750 612-4865 DRUM1-000-0400 612-4861 612-4864 612-4859 DRUM1-000-0040 DRUM1-000-0060 DRUM1-000-0800 DRUM1-000-0250 DRUM1-000-0050-55 612-4858 DRUM1-000-0033 DRUM1-000-0080 DRUM1-000-0200 DRUM1-000-0010-64 DRUM1-000-0090 DRUM1-000-0030 DRUM1-000-2000 DRUM1-000-0447 612-4862 DRUM1-000-0001 612-2470 DRUM1-000-0350 612-4863 612-4860 DRUM1-000-0066 DRUM1-000-0070 DRUM1-000-0500 DRUM1-000-0005
Micro pipettes, disposable, Microcaps®
Pipettes Microcapillaries
Micro pipettes are precision-bore glass capillary tubes cut to predetermined lengths so that fill volumes are constant and precise. Capillary action draws the fluid into the tube and a squeeze of the bulb dispenses it with accuracy of ±1%.

For fast, safe, clean transfer of liquids in micro quantities. Suitable for both general and hazardous microchemical applications.

Ordering information: Delivery includes 100 pipettes and one bulb dispenser.
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