Beakers, Heavy-duty, low form, KIMBLE®

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences
SCERSP14005-4000EA 0 INR
SCERSP14005-1000 SCERSP14005-600 SCERSP14005-4000 SCERSP14005-2000 SCERSP14005-400 SCERSP14005-250
Beakers, Heavy-duty, low form, KIMBLE®
Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass. Thick uniform walls throughout and extra wall thickness built into the evenly tooled top rim.

Certifications: Designed from ASTM Specification E960, Type II requirements.

  • Uniformity of construction allows for use on hot plates
  • All sizes have a durable matte finish marking area and a white graduated scale
  • Design meets ASTM Specification E960, Type II requirements

Heavy-duty glass “thick wall” beakers offer superior mechanical strength and durability. Improved safety when used under extreme conditions such as mechanized washing and rough handling.

Certifications: Conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements
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