Mixing measuring cylinders

Supplier: Bohemia Cristal (Kavalierglass)
KAVA632432211238EA 0 INR
KAVA632432211238 KAVA632432210718 VTRB632432630018 VTRB632432630046 KAVA632432211130 KAVA632432211125 KAVA632432210923 KAVA632432630044 KAVA632432630043 VTRB632432210819 KAVA632432211444 KAVA632432211343 KAVA632432211546 KAVA632432630019 VTRB632432630038 KAVA632432630023 KAVA632432630030 KAVA632432630025
Mixing measuring cylinders
Cylinders Measuring Cylinders
Borosilicate glass 3.3, class A.

  • Hexagonal glass base
  • Blue graduations
  • Available with glass or plastic stopper

Certifications: DIN EN ISO 4788
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