Humidity Standards

620-2223EA 0 INR
620-2225 707-0045 707-0044 620-2226 620-2223 620-2224 620-2272 620-2758
Humidity Standards
Standards Environmental Analysis Standards
Although most relative humidity (RH) probes have excellent long-term stability, it is recommended that their calibration be checked regularly.

  • Traceable to national standard – SCS (Swiss Calibration Service) certificate included
  • Ampoules contain unsaturated salt solutions (~ 0,8 ml)
  • Inexpensive on-site calibration
  • Simple and safe use
  • 10 years lifetime
  • Practical packs of 5 ampoules of the same humidity value

Delivery information: Each ampoule is labelled with the humidity value and serial number.

Caution: Values and accuracy (measurement uncertainty values) below are measured at 23 °C.
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