Rotary evaporators, RV 8

Supplier: VWR by IKA

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Rotary evaporators, RV 8
Evaporators Rotary Evaporators
These entry-level evaporators are ideal for all standard evaporation applications in universities and research laboratories. The functions of the familiar RV10 control have been extended and improved to enable fully automatic distillation, with automatic boiling point determination, an integrated solvent library, and the option to connect a speed-controlled vacuum pump.

  • Manual lift with integrated "safety stop" function
  • Digital displays for rotation speed and heating bath temperature
  • Single-hand lift system with pressure sensors can be operated easily with the right or left hand
  • Water/oil heating bath with integrated carrying handles

Delivery information: Units are supplied with heating bath HB 10, either with or without glassware. RV 8 models are compatible with the full RV10 glassware range.
Please note: A vacuum source, vacuum check valve and cooling system are required but not supplied. Please contact your local VWR sales office for advice and details.

Caution: * With transparent plastic coating
** Delivered only with bath, vapour tube, clamps for glassware and Woulf bottle. This package enables the customer to select the glassware set up for their specific application.
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