Mycoplasma Treatment Kit, Myco-4

Supplier: PanReac AppliChem

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Mycoplasma Treatment Kit, Myco-4
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For the treatment of Mycoplasma infected cells.

  • Cytotoxic effects are very low in most cell lines - changes in cell morphology are only rarely observed during the treatment
  • Almost 100% of permanent eradication for mycoplasma is achieved
  • Suitable for all permanent mammalian cell lines
  • Broad spectrum - any type of Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, Spiroplasma, and Entomoplasma can be successfully treated
  • Can be used with antibiotic selection agents, for example G418, Blastocyclin, and Hygromycin; it also does not interfere with killer genes turned on by Tetracyclin or Doxycyclin
  • Low resistance risk due to the combination of antibiotic and a biophysical mode of action directly killing the mycoplasma

Myco-4 is a combination of a standard antibiotic and a biological reagent. In comparison to most bacteria, Mycoplasma lack cell walls but are surrounded by a cytoplasmic membrane. This biological reagent integrates into the Mycoplasma membrane and compromises its integrity. By the combination with a standard antibiotic, the effective dose of both, the reagent and the antibiotic, can be reduced to a minimum for lowest cytotoxicity, still causing a highly reliable and definite elimination of Mycoplasma. These biophysical properties make the development of resistant strains very unlikely. One application comprises 4 vials, a Starter Treatment and three Main Treatment solutions. The Starter Treatment kills most of the mycoplasma particles without harming the cells. The Main Treatment kills all remaining particles leading to a permanent eradication.

Delivery information: Delivery information: Each kit contains 1 vial of Starter Treatment solution and 3 vials of Main Treatment solution. Each component is a sterile, ready-to-use solution, aliquoted per vial for single applications of approx. 520 μl/vial.
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