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HPLC columns, Sonoma™

ESIN15D221-SMA-C82EA 0 INR InStock
ESIN15D221-SMA-C82 ESIN122121-SMA-CN ESIN13D221-SMAC182 ESIN112221-SMA-C82 ESIN125321-SMA-SI2 ESIN122B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN125121-SMA-SI2 ESIN132321-SMA-CN ESIN19D221-SMA-C82 ESIN154321-SMAC182 ESIN195221-SMA-SI2 ESIN195221-SMA-C82 ESIN12D221-SMA-SI2 ESIN115221-SMA-C5 ESIN132321-SMA-PHX ESIN125321-SMA-C5 ESIN134121-SMA-PHX ESIN12D121-SMA-SI2 ESIN164321-SMAC182 ESIN12DB21-SMA-SI2 ESIN165B21-SMA-PHX ESIN112B21-SMA-PHX ESIN135321-SMA-SI2 ESIN11D121-SMA-C82 ESIN114321-SMA-C5 ESIN112B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN134221-SMA-CN ESIN134B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN114321-SMAC182 ESIN115321-SMA-CN ESIN134321-SMA-C82 ESIN135321-SMA-C82 ESIN135121-SMAC182 ESIN13DB21-SMA-SI2 ESIN155221-SMA-CN ESIN132221-SMAC182 ESIN15D321-SMA-PHX ESIN112321-SMA-C82 ESIN11DB21-SMA-PHX ESIN122221-SMA-PHX ESIN112321-SMAC182 ESIN112221-SMA-SI2 ESIN112321-SMA-CN ESIN13D121-SMA-C82 ESIN16D321-SMA-CN ESIN192221-SMA-C82 ESIN132221-SMA-C5 ESIN164B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN122B21-SMAC182 ESIN13DB21-SMA-PHX ESIN134321-SMA-CN ESIN132221-SMA-PHX ESIN192121-SMAC182 ESIN19D121-SMA-C82 ESIN152221-SMA-C82 ESIN13D221-SMA-SI2 ESIN194121-SMA-CN ESIN115321-SMA-C5 ESIN152321-SMA-SI2 ESIN154221-SMA-CN ESIN124121-SMA-SI2 ESIN152221-SMAC182 ESIN115B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN114221-SMA-C82 ESIN12D221-SMAC182 ESIN124B21-SMA-C82 ESIN195121-SMA-CN ESIN125221-SMAC182 ESIN192221-SMA-CN ESIN19D121-SMA-SI2 ESIN112121-SMA-SI2 ESIN122121-SMA-SI2 ESIN114221-SMA-PHX ESIN19D121-SMAC182 ESIN112321-SMA-C5 ESIN154321-SMA-PHX ESIN115121-SMAC182 ESIN135221-SMAC182 ESIN192121-SMA-CN ESIN134121-SMA-C82 ESIN194221-SMA-C82 ESIN155321-SMA-CN ESIN115221-SMA-SI2 ESIN12D321-SMA-SI2 ESIN124321-SMA-C5 ESIN15DB21-SMA-PHX ESIN132121-SMA-C82 ESIN13D121-SMA-SI2 ESIN15D221-SMA-PHX ESIN115221-SMA-CN ESIN19D221-SMA-C5 ESIN15DB21-SMA-C82 ESIN135221-SMA-PHX ESIN194221-SMA-PHX ESIN13DB21-SMA-C82 ESIN162321-SMA-C5 ESIN124221-SMA-C5 ESIN132321-SMAC182 ESIN114221-SMA-SI2 ESIN15D221-SMA-C5 ESIN11D221-SMA-C5 ESIN112221-SMAC182 ESIN135B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN124221-SMA-SI2 ESIN135321-SMA-PHX ESIN125121-SMA-C82 ESIN124221-SMA-PHX ESIN135B21-SMAC182 ESIN155321-SMAC182 ESIN122321-SMA-SI2 ESIN114B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN12DB21-SMA-C82 ESIN19D121-SMA-PHX ESIN13D221-SMA-CN ESIN152B21-SMA-C82 ESIN162B21-SMA-PHX ESIN125221-SMA-PHX ESIN134121-SMA-SI2 ESIN16DB21-SMAC182 ESIN135121-SMA-CN ESIN134B21-SMAC182 ESIN122121-SMA-C82 ESIN155321-SMA-PHX ESIN134221-SMA-C82 ESIN124121-SMA-CN ESIN114321-SMA-PHX ESIN19D221-SMA-PHX ESIN122221-SMA-SI2 ESIN132121-SMA-CN ESIN132321-SMA-C82 ESIN11D121-SMA-PHX ESIN165321-SMA-SI2 ESIN154321-SMA-C5 ESIN15DB21-SMAC182 ESIN12D121-SMA-C82 ESIN164321-SMA-C5 ESIN192221-SMA-C5 ESIN192121-SMA-SI2 ESIN114121-SMA-PHX ESIN135121-SMA-PHX ESIN152B21-SMAC182 ESIN132121-SMA-PHX ESIN16D321-SMA-C82 ESIN11D221-SMA-PHX ESIN195221-SMA-C5 ESIN154B21-SMA-PHX ESIN155221-SMA-C5 ESIN165321-SMAC182 ESIN112321-SMA-SI2 ESIN195221-SMA-CN ESIN132221-SMA-C82 ESIN13D121-SMAC182 ESIN192221-SMAC182 ESIN194121-SMA-PHX ESIN115221-SMA-PHX ESIN11D221-SMAC182 ESIN125221-SMA-C5 ESIN194221-SMA-CN ESIN132B21-SMA-C82 ESIN194121-SMAC182 ESIN19D121-SMA-CN ESIN135221-SMA-C5 ESIN152221-SMA-C5 ESIN124121-SMA-C82 ESIN12D121-SMAC182 ESIN115221-SMAC182 ESIN114321-SMA-CN ESIN195221-SMA-PHX ESIN165B21-SMAC182 ESIN192221-SMA-PHX ESIN135321-SMAC182 ESIN134321-SMA-SI2 ESIN162321-SMA-C82 ESIN162321-SMA-CN ESIN112321-SMA-PHX ESIN11DB21-SMA-C82 ESIN114B21-SMA-PHX ESIN13D221-SMA-PHX ESIN162321-SMA-SI2 ESIN12D121-SMA-PHX ESIN155221-SMA-PHX ESIN19D221-SMA-SI2 ESIN152B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN152221-SMA-SI2 ESIN122121-SMAC182 ESIN115B21-SMA-C82 ESIN124121-SMA-PHX ESIN192121-SMA-C82 ESIN165321-SMA-C5 ESIN115B21-SMAC182 ESIN11D121-SMA-SI2 ESIN195121-SMA-PHX ESIN165B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN132221-SMA-SI2 ESIN155B21-SMA-PHX ESIN125B21-SMAC182 ESIN194221-SMA-SI2 ESIN164321-SMA-CN ESIN13D321-SMA-C82 ESIN134321-SMAC182 ESIN112221-SMA-CN ESIN112221-SMA-PHX ESIN115121-SMA-CN ESIN162B21-SMA-C82 ESIN162321-SMA-PHX ESIN155B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN13D221-SMA-C82 ESIN19D221-SMAC182 ESIN152321-SMA-PHX ESIN152321-SMAC182 ESIN115321-SMAC182 ESIN134121-SMA-CN ESIN132121-SMAC182 ESIN122221-SMA-C82 ESIN122321-SMA-C5 ESIN164321-SMA-C82 ESIN11D121-SMAC182 ESIN152321-SMA-CN ESIN152221-SMA-CN ESIN114221-SMA-CN ESIN15D221-SMAC182 ESIN12DB21-SMAC182 ESIN164B21-SMAC182 ESIN124321-SMA-SI2 ESIN125221-SMA-SI2 ESIN125321-SMA-CN ESIN12D321-SMA-C5 ESIN154221-SMA-C82 ESIN134B21-SMA-C82 ESIN11D321-SMA-C82 ESIN115321-SMA-PHX ESIN154B21-SMA-C82 ESIN122B21-SMA-C82 ESIN135121-SMA-C82 ESIN114321-SMA-C82 ESIN125121-SMAC182 ESIN15DB21-SMA-SI2 ESIN124B21-SMAC182 ESIN114121-SMA-CN ESIN154B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN134221-SMA-C5 ESIN15D321-SMA-SI2 ESIN135221-SMA-C82 ESIN12D321-SMA-PHX ESIN194121-SMA-SI2 ESIN122321-SMA-PHX ESIN13D321-SMA-C5 ESIN155321-SMA-C5 ESIN12D321-SMA-CN ESIN12D321-SMA-C82 ESIN154221-SMA-C5 ESIN162B21-SMAC182 ESIN155321-SMA-SI2 ESIN122221-SMA-CN ESIN11D221-SMA-SI2 ESIN154221-SMA-PHX ESIN114B21-SMA-C82 ESIN125B21-SMA-PHX ESIN162321-SMAC182 ESIN115321-SMA-C82 ESIN135221-SMA-SI2 ESIN15D221-SMA-CN ESIN115121-SMA-PHX ESIN16D321-SMAC182 ESIN11D121-SMA-CN ESIN13D121-SMA-CN ESIN135321-SMA-CN ESIN134121-SMAC182 ESIN11DB21-SMAC182 ESIN15D321-SMA-C82 ESIN115B21-SMA-PHX ESIN195121-SMA-SI2 ESIN114B21-SMAC182 ESIN11D321-SMA-SI2 ESIN13D221-SMA-C5 ESIN154221-SMAC182 ESIN112B21-SMAC182 ESIN125221-SMA-C82 ESIN125321-SMAC182 ESIN125321-SMA-C82 ESIN115121-SMA-C82 ESIN192221-SMA-SI2 ESIN12DB21-SMA-PHX ESIN124221-SMA-C82 ESIN125B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN112B21-SMA-C82 ESIN115221-SMA-C82 ESIN152321-SMA-C82 ESIN11DB21-SMA-SI2 ESIN125121-SMA-CN ESIN122B21-SMA-PHX ESIN164B21-SMA-PHX ESIN11D221-SMA-CN ESIN155221-SMA-SI2 ESIN195121-SMA-C82 ESIN122321-SMA-C82 ESIN124321-SMA-C82 ESIN112121-SMA-PHX ESIN122221-SMA-C5 ESIN112121-SMAC182 ESIN114221-SMAC182 ESIN195121-SMAC182 ESIN195221-SMAC182 ESIN124121-SMAC182 ESIN11D321-SMAC182 ESIN162B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN125321-SMA-PHX ESIN154B21-SMAC182 ESIN154321-SMA-C82 ESIN134321-SMA-C5 ESIN134221-SMA-PHX ESIN124221-SMAC182 ESIN152221-SMA-PHX ESIN16DB21-SMA-SI2 ESIN12D221-SMA-C82 ESIN135B21-SMA-PHX ESIN132B21-SMA-PHX ESIN11D321-SMA-C5 ESIN132B21-SMAC182 ESIN194121-SMA-C82 ESIN194221-SMAC182 ESIN13D321-SMA-SI2 ESIN164321-SMA-SI2 ESIN164321-SMA-PHX ESIN125B21-SMA-C82 ESIN165321-SMA-PHX ESIN124321-SMA-PHX ESIN114121-SMA-SI2 ESIN124221-SMA-CN ESIN16DB21-SMA-PHX ESIN115121-SMA-SI2 ESIN122321-SMA-CN ESIN135321-SMA-C5 ESIN16D321-SMA-PHX ESIN13D121-SMA-PHX ESIN12D221-SMA-CN ESIN19D221-SMA-CN ESIN124321-SMAC182 ESIN132321-SMA-SI2 ESIN164B21-SMA-C82 ESIN12D321-SMAC182 ESIN122121-SMA-PHX ESIN132121-SMA-SI2 ESIN115321-SMA-SI2 ESIN154221-SMA-SI2 ESIN122221-SMAC182 ESIN155B21-SMA-C82 ESIN134221-SMA-SI2 ESIN16D321-SMA-C5 ESIN155221-SMA-C82 ESIN114121-SMAC182 ESIN13D321-SMAC182 ESIN135221-SMA-CN ESIN135B21-SMA-C82 ESIN134321-SMA-PHX ESIN112221-SMA-C5 ESIN13D321-SMA-CN ESIN13D321-SMA-PHX ESIN155B21-SMAC182 ESIN124321-SMA-CN ESIN125121-SMA-PHX ESIN135121-SMA-SI2 ESIN114121-SMA-C82 ESIN11D221-SMA-C82 ESIN192121-SMA-PHX ESIN134B21-SMA-PHX ESIN11D321-SMA-PHX ESIN12D221-SMA-PHX ESIN15D221-SMA-SI2 ESIN112121-SMA-C82 ESIN114321-SMA-SI2 ESIN132B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN124B21-SMA-SI2 ESIN122321-SMAC182 ESIN12D221-SMA-C5 ESIN152B21-SMA-PHX ESIN15D321-SMA-C5 ESIN155321-SMA-C82 ESIN155221-SMAC182 ESIN165321-SMA-C82 ESIN12D121-SMA-CN ESIN194221-SMA-C5 ESIN154321-SMA-CN ESIN154321-SMA-SI2 ESIN13DB21-SMAC182 ESIN125221-SMA-CN ESIN132321-SMA-C5 ESIN124B21-SMA-PHX ESIN165321-SMA-CN ESIN132221-SMA-CN ESIN152321-SMA-C5 ESIN112121-SMA-CN ESIN165B21-SMA-C82 ESIN15D321-SMAC182 ESIN114221-SMA-C5 ESIN11D321-SMA-CN ESIN16DB21-SMA-C82 ESIN134221-SMAC182 ESIN16D321-SMA-SI2 ESIN15D321-SMA-CN
HPLC columns, Sonoma™
Chromatography Columns
These columns are an equivalent to the Phenomenex Luna™ columns.

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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions cover all sales of products and services by VWR Lab Products Private Limited(VWR) in India and any information and advice given whether charged for or not. No variation in these terms and conditions will apply unless agreed by VWR in writing. Orders are accepted only on the condition that no conditions of purchase shall apply. 


VWR has the right to change the prices shown in catalogues and price lists at any time and to invoice at prices current at the date of receipt of an order.

‘Price on application’ (POA) quotations and all other quotations will be valid for 30 days (provided there is no change in Custom Tariff) from the date of the quotation, unless otherwise notified by VWR.

All prices in catalogues and quotations are exclusive of Value Added Tax and any other taxes or duties. These will be charged separately, if applicable. VWR reserve the right to apply a freight charge on all deliveries. 


Unless otherwise agreed in writing payment terms are full in Advance. VWR has the right to charge interest on all overdue sums at the rate of twenty four percent per annum .

  • Any claims for shortages must be made within 7 days of a delivery.  
  • Any claims for non-ordered items or non delivery must be made within 7 days of receiving the invoice. 
Return of Damaged or Unsuitable Goods

No goods may be returned to VWR without the authorisation of VWR.

Authorisation to return products damaged during delivery must be requested within 3 days of delivery. VWR has the right to repair and return damaged products.

Authorisation for the return of products which fail to meet current published manufacturers specifications must be requested in writing within 28 days of delivery. VWR will assist customers, at customers’ expense, to obtain any manufacturer’s warranty consistent with that granted to VWR.

Authorisation for the return of products, other than those damaged during delivery, delivered in error or those that do not meet specification, must be requested within 10 days of delivery. Credit (less a handling charge of 15% of the invoice value of all products returned subject to a minimum charge of INR 5,000) will be given for those products authorised for return which are unused and in re-saleable condition other than those in the categories shown:

  • open chemicals or diagnostics
  • refrigerated or other perishables
  • items with an expired shelf life or an expiration date too short for resale
  • any article that has been delivered direct by a third party supplier
  • discontinued items
  • items not purchased from VWR.

Authorisation will be subject to the condition that the products are returned to VWR Customer Service Centre or to the manufacturer or other source notified by VWR, by registered post if permitted, (for which VWR will supply a label) , for which a handling charge will be made for each line.

Articles that have been delivered on our behalf by a third party supplier will not be accepted back at the VWR Customer Service Centre.

Health, Safety and Liability

Risk in products will pass at the time of delivery to the customer.

The customer is responsible for unloading and transporting large and/or heavy items from delivery vans.

In view of the hazards of certain chemicals and apparatus the customer must ensure that the products purchased are in a safe condition and that a safe system of work is in place taking into account all available information. None of the products sold are intended for human consumption unless otherwise clearly stated.

In view of the wide range of uses of chemicals and apparatus, the customer will be solely responsible for determining the suitability and specification of products, services, information and advice for its purposes. VWR has the right, without notice, to supply product of different specifications, sources, and pack size to that published or ordered. The customer is required to ensure that that the use of any products supplied by VWR do not infringe third party intellectual property rights.

In view of the above, liability of VWR for any loss or damage suffered by a customer and arising by reason of defects in the products or otherwise howsoever is limited to the invoice price of the products in respect of or in relation to which loss or damage is claimed. Any liability accepted by VWR under these terms and conditions is in lieu of any warranty or condition implied by law as to the quality or fitness for any particular purpose of the products and save as provided in these terms and conditions VWR will not be under any liability, whether in contract, tort, breach of statutory duty or otherwise in respect of defects in products delivered or for any injury (other than death or personal injury caused by VWR negligence as defined in any applicable act) damage or loss resulting from such defects or from any information, service or advice provided by VWR or its employees, contractors or agents. In no event shall VWR be liable for any consequential loss whether or not resulting from force majeure. The customer indemnifies VWR against any claims from its employees, contractors or agents.

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