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New products

  • Stirling Ultracold – NO compressor ULT

    The first and only compressor-free, ultra-low temperature freezer. With the uncomplicated, free-piston Stirling engine, there’s virtually nothing to fail. It’s an engine that has created breakthroughs in every aspect of ULT technology: in performance, energy savings, sustainability, total cost of ownership and sample safety.

  • Air sampler

    Complete and accurate range of microbial air samplers
    Microbial air samplers with single and dual head configurations for continuous or sequential sampling that lasts for several hours. Select models with autoclavable sampling head and mass flow sensors that ensure constant flow rates are available.

  • Water Purification systems

    Water purification systems provide Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 purified water for use in everything from general laboratory and manufacturing applications to molecular biology or preparing tissue culture media. Our advanced purification technology guarantees high quality of water for specific applications when used with a pre-treated source of feed water.

  • Precise measuring tools

    Even the smallest details can have a huge impact on scientific results. Our microscopes, pipettes, balances, pH meters, bottle-top dispensers, and more are designed to deliver accurate and consistent performance...