VWR Electronic Pipette… Pipetting Made Simple

Lightweight ergonomics, easy to use, precise and reliable. All of the enhanced features you look for in an electronic pipettor with the familiar look and feel of a mechanical pipette.

  • Ease-of-use: Only 2 buttons and 5 pipetting modes including the CUSTOM Mode which allows to create pipetting protocols easily and rapidly
  • Advanced Ergonomics: Lightweight and Perfectly Balanced, it requires virtually no force to aspirate and dispense samples
  • Fully Motorized Piston Drive: For an even and regular sample delivery across each channel
  • VWR Two-Year Warranty

Contact your VWR sales representative today and see what we mean when we say…Pipetting Made Simple.

VWR Electronic Pipette Instruction Video

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How to use the Custom Mode & VWR Protocol Builder Software

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How to Use the other functions of VWR Protocol Builder Software

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