Case Study: When a Diagnosis is Crucial—Hustling to Keep the Line Running

More than 1.6 million cases of cancer are estimated to be diagnosed in 2015.1 For those receiving this news, an accurate diagnosis—leading to timely treatment—is critical.

arrive at a diagnosis, hospitals and research laboratories test tissue using specific stains and instruments for precise pathology. They rely on their trusted suppliers for these key products. What happens when the suppliers themselves don’t have what they need to produce the stains and reagents? The supplier’s production line shuts down, the labs are waiting, and the diagnoses may potentially be delayed.

It is just this scenario that a team from Masterflex was hustling to prevent. A long-term customer specializing in reagents, instruments, and software used to make accurate tissue-based diagnoses for cancer patients needed tubing for its production line. While an order had been placed and shipped the prior day, the customer realized it was actually needed before the two-day shipment originally scheduled.

Rushing the Order

At the end of the business day, the customer called requesting a rush order for delivery as early as possible the next morning. The clock was ticking down to only hours before the line would stop.

Area Business Development Manager Mike Gilchrist contacted Aaron Schneider, Manager of the Strategic Account Support Team, who jumped into action. Simultaneously, CSR Crystal Sturycz was placing the order of ten packs of Masterflex® C-Flex® peristaltic pump tubing. This specific tubing meets the performance and regulatory needs of the customer, as it is non-DEHP, animal-derived ingredient-free with USP VI compliance and chemically compatible. They coordinated their efforts and sent a “heads up” to the warehouse team.

Although it was past the cut-off time to send out merchandise, Bill Hering picked the merchandise out of inventory. Quang Huynh packed the order and it was shipped out immediately. Though it took a team of individuals with a sense of urgency, the tubing arrived in time to keep the production line going.

With downtime averted, the customer was ecstatic. “You have no idea how big this is. Thank you a million times,” she said.

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1 American Cancer Society. Estimated New Cases & Deaths by State for 21 Cancer Sites, 2015. Retrieved from  on August 24, 2015

Disclaimer: Masterflex products are not approved or intended for, and should not be used for medical, clinical, surgical or other patient-oriented applications.