Sustainability Services for Laboratories

We specialise in offering our customers a unique range of laboratory sustainability services. Our dedicated Sustainability Team works closely with our customers to ensure that we provide a service that meets both their future and current requirements. Furthermore, we aim to identify the most sustainable solutions based on individual requirements, without having any negative impact upon customers’ research / practices.

Core sustainability issues

In response to both legislation and rising utility costs, institutions in all industry sectors have begun to investigate new strategies and procedures to enable them to work more sustainably, whilst addressing the following key issues:

  • Preparing and responding to climate legislation
  • Meeting CO2 emissions targets
  • Tacking rising energy and water costs
  • Reducing reduce running costs

Our sustainability services

We offer a range of tailored services that meet the overall needs of our customers to reduce their running costs, CO2 emissions and wastage. These include:

  • Customised sustainability assessments – to help determine how best to cut costs
  • Equipment profiling (for life-time costs) – to enable informed purchasing decisions
  • Advise on the most sustainable practices and products – to reduce environmental impact
  • Training on relevant legislation and related concerns – to increase awareness
  • Product development – to continuously improve equipment efficiency and running costs

Our aim is to equip our customers with the necessary information to make the best decisions at all levels: application, laboratory, institution.

Please contact us to book your sustainability assessment or training sessions, or to discuss your requirements in further detail.

Contact our Sustainability Team on: 07793 699 109 or our Technical Office on: 01342 337 447.