Oxford Nanopore Technologies

The affordable, pocket-sized MinION and MinION Mk1C devices, which can deliver tens of gigabases of data in a single run, make sequencing accessible to any researcher across a wide range of applications.

Benefits of nanopore sequencing technology include:

  • Any length read — from short to ultra-long (>4 Mb)
  • Streamlined workflows — library prep in as little as 10 minutes
  • Sequence native DNA/RNA — eliminate amplification-bias and directly identify epigenetic modifications (e.g. methylation)
  • Real-time data streaming — immediate access to actionable results
  • Portable, affordable devices — sequence anywhere

Sequencing devices

Get complete control and creativity over when, where, and how often you sequence with MinION and MinION Mk1C — portable and affordable, real-time sequencing devices.

Flow cells

Consumable components for MinION and MinION Mk1C devices that process the prepared DNA/RNA sample.

DNA library prep kits

Streamlined library preparation kits for nanopore sequencing, optimised for a wide range of applications — from direct sequencing of whole genomes or metagenomes to targeted sequencing of specific regions of interest.

RNA library prep kits

Sequence full-length transcripts and RNA viruses in single reads using nanopore technology. Use cDNA-based approaches for low-input amounts or directly sequence native RNA to include epigenetic modifications.

Expansion packs

Additional reagents and consumables to support your nanopore sequencing assays.

Spotlight: Real-time microbial sequencing

From rapid species identification and antimicrobial resistance profiling to generating complete genome assemblies — get immediate access to results with real-time, portable, and affordable MinION devices.