Facilities maintenance, protection and hygiene

Avantor Personal Protection

Everyone is safer when you have a clean, well-maintained laboratory. Avantor offers a comprehensive line of chemical handling, storage, facility maintenance, and waste management products from the brand you trust. We have what you need to keep your lab clean and safe.

Chemical Handling and Storage

Whether you are storing chemicals in a fixed location or moving them from place to place, we can help you meet the chemical safety needs of your lab. See the storage and transport solutions we have for you.

Facility Maintenance

From keeping your lab clean to properly disposing of biohazardous waste and materials, you can find what you need in our complete range of facility maintenance and cleaning products. Find what you need.

First Aid & Emergency Response

Everything you need in case of small accidents or spills...

Facility Protection

VWR offers you all you need to keep your facilities CLEAN and SAFE!

Fall Protection

Fall protection products such as anchorage points, lanyards, fall arred blocks, fall protection clamps and harness.

Hygiene & Disinfection

VWR can offer everything you need to keep your hands clean...

Waste Management

Avantor has everything you need to collect, transport, process, recycle and dispose of laboratory wastes. We can help you deal with all types of waste materials, including solids, liquids, sharps and biohazards. Learn more about what we offer.

Solutions for your workplace during the Covid-19 pandemic

Tapes, signs, wipes and protective screens to keep your workplaces safe during COVID-19.

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