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Bio process sterilisable pH and ORP electrodes, SteamLine, SI Analytics®

Autoclavable high-tech electrodes, outstanding performance characteristics. Can be used in demanding environments (SIP treatment, CIP cleaning).

pH combination electrodes, ProcessLine, SI Analytics®

Low maintenance sensors for heavy duty process applications in chemical industry, for extreme ionic strength, strongly oxidizing, acid and alkali media.

Dissolved oxygen sensors for industrial applications with high demands for hygiene, OxyFerm FDA, Hamilton Bonaduz

OxyFerm FDA, an electrochemical oxygen sensor with an FDA approved membrane for usage in hygienic processes, withstands steam sterilisation, autoclavation and CIP cleanings. 

pH electrodes EasyFerm Plus, Hamilton Bonaduz

EasyFerm Plus is designed to withstand demanding applications in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The electrodes exhibits stable measurement signals after steam sterilisation, autoclavation and CIP cleaning.

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