Avantor® Digital Solutions: Redefining eCommerce experiences

Digital Solutions Help Enable Scientific Discovery

Digital lab solutions from Avantor® help optimize every critical stage of lab management and directly support digitization occurring throughout the lab ecosystem. Advancing the evolution of scientific collaboration, now and into the future. It’s how we set science in motion to create a better world – for scientists.

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How Avantor digital solutions leverage technology to enable the lab of future

Our comprehensive suite of digital solutions — including global eCommerce site, business to business integration capability, inventory manager, VWR Lab supplies mobile app — automates time-consuming tasks and processes and helps you focus more on what you do best — groundbreaking R&D, essential QC, and life-changing discoveries.


Workflow-based content- Now it’s easier than ever to find valuable content on our webshop with a single click!

Personalized price-Find your rate contract price online on your web account

Real-time inventory- A fully integrated stock visibility will allow our customers to order, track, and replenish their stocks efficiently.

Quote-to-order can help in price negotiation, improve accuracy in pricing and ordering processes.

Order tracking-You can monitor the progress of an online order or shipment in real-time, from the moment it’s first placed to when it arrives on your doorstep.

At Avantor, e-Business is more than just a website

Web Storefront in.vwr.com

  • Access to 6Mn+ products
  • Powerful search engine
  • Detailed product Information and documentation
  • Complete online ordering solution
  • Convenient to access

VWR Lab Supplies Mobile App

  • An e-Commerce application that provides a light-weight alternative to browsing and purchasing directly from VWR.com in India

Electronic literature & catalogues

  • Wide selection of catalogues and brochures
  • Interactive flip catalogues
  • Online PDF preview
  • Ability to request more information

Business-to-Business Integration

  • Consolidation, automation, integration
  • Standard message types and formats
  • Standard e-Catalogue options
  • Variety of e-Procurement system providers support
  • Business-to-Business e-Procurement solutions
  • Cost control and increased productivity

Customer analytics portal

  • Convenient ordering
  • Scan whenever, wherever a product is needed
  • Reads barcodes from a stockroom or laboratory shelf or personalised catalogue
  • Integrated with in.vwr.com

Inventory Manager

  • 360° visibility to your laboratory supplies inventory
  • Barcode supported picking, receiving and replenishment system
  • Support for a variety of the latest mobile scanning devices
  • Automated order management
  • Standard reporting

Explore our digital solutions capabilities:

Digital commerce

Our global e-commerce platform delivers seamless purchasing supported by a strong distribution network with responsive, local associates. The digital webshop is the backbone of our e-commerce strategy. All the e-solutions that we offer use ecommerce site in one way or another. Customers can organize the complete shopping experience around vwr.com or even use the system as a simple e-procurement system.


Business-to-Business integration

Our Business-to-Business (B2B) integration service leverages the scale and services of our e-commerce platform, connecting the products available from our brands and those of our supplier partners with our customers through a variety of system integration options using standard, industry-accepted protocols, including:

  • Standard and level two punch-outs
  • Hosted catalogs
  • Transactional support through electronic data interchange (EDI) services

Through B2B integrations with our supplier partners, customers have complete end-to-end supply chain visibility through:

  • Order status updates
  • Shipping notifications
  • Inventory availability and management

e-Procurement Applications


Inventory Manager

The next generation of our online inventory software system offers real-time insights into your lab supplies. Now you can worry less about overstocks and stockouts and focus more on what you do best — groundbreaking R&D, essential QC and life-changing discoveries.

Reclaim time for science.

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VWR Lab supplies

2 scientists look at large computer screen

  • An e-Commerce application that provides a light-weight alternative to browsing and purchasing directly from VWR.com in India
  • Brings a customer-centric approach by enriching efficiency in our ordering and tracking process
  • An easier way to showcase the digital product catalogue to the customer, at a click of a button!

  • Search products with barcode scanning with your device’s camera
  • Search via Google Assistant & Siri
  • Recently Viewed Products: Customers can easily and directly get back to the items they were looking for in the app.

  • Offers the ability to see applicable ‘rate contract price’ while browsing through products
  • View the product with account specific pricing & place your order directly on the app

  • Customers can save their favorite products in app for an easy search
  • Buy again: Customer can pick-and-click products from post orders in their cart functionality
  • Ability to reorder at the touch of a button


Avantor has more than 160 years of experience helping labs manage their equipment and supplies. We are a leading global provider of mission-critical products and services to customers in the biopharma, healthcare, education and government, and advanced technologies and applied materials industries. Contact us today to see how Avantor can help your lab.

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VWR has invested in technology to develop interfaces to the major e-proceurement software providers listed below.

We now have experience in many of the electronic message types in the communication of documents between these providers and VWR's back-end systems.


Ariba Inc. is a leading B2B eCommerce solutions provider. Ariba provides software solutions and a web-based service network to enable efficient e-procurement integration between buyers and suppliers globally. "Ariba Buyer" is the main e-procurement software solution that facilitates order management, work approval and business rules associated with standard requisitioning, as well as supporting receiving and reconciliation needs.


Hubwoo is a global leader of On-Demand electronic procurement solutions, services and supplier relationship management. With operations internationally, and a SAP® global BPO partnership dedicated to procurement, Hubwoo provides a fully integrated suite of tools and services, delivered as-a-service to companies.


Oracle is a Business to Business (B2B) e-Commerce solution provider. Oracle's procurement software and web-based network enable e-procurement integration between buyers and suppliers globally. The iProcurement™ sofware application is designed to support order management, work approval and general business rules associated with standard requisitioning, as well to support receiving and reconciliation needs.


SAP is one of the major players who offer (B2B) e-commerce solutions. Their original offering was known as BBP however since the relationship with Commerce One was forged the joint product is now known as EBP or Enterprise Buyer Professional. This solution handles order management, work approval and business rules associated with standard requisitioning as well and it supports receiving and reconciliation needs.

This page details the general protocols in use between VWR and our customers. If you have a requirement that is not listed here please email avantorecommerce@avantorsciences.com on or alternatively call us on +91 124 4656700 and ask for the e-Business department.

B2B Connectivity

  • CXML ("Punchout")
  • Open Catalogue Interface (OCI 4.0) – (SAP Standard)

Static Catalogue and Price Files

  • BMECAT 1.2
  • Excel/Access
  • .TXT
  • .CIF

Electronic Documents

Electronic integration refers to the computer-to-computer transmission of business information between trading partners. VWR International has been at the forefront of providing support and commitment to our customers, as well as a strong advocate and supporter of industry standards in electronic commerce.

In that spirit, we are proud to share with you our services to help you, our partners, become more efficient, reduce your costs, and improve the accuracy and response time for your transactions with VWR.

Supported Data Formats and Transactions

Most Message Types including:

  • Order
  • Order Confirmation
  • Order Acknowlegment
  • Advance Shipping Notice
  • Invoicing with digital signature

Are available through the following protocols:

  • cXML
  • xCBL
  • EDI
  • FTP
  • TXT File
  • e-Mail attachment file

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