Microbiology and Hygiene Testing

In Microbiology, all the VWR media products are produced using high quality raw materials and are subject to strict quality controls in a production environment following Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. The products conform with International standards such as ISO and Pharmacopoeia where relevant and are available in standard and animal-free formulations. For a full view of our entire microbiology range please review our microbiology microsite.

VWR offers pre prepared microbiology media in plates, bottles or tubes for applications like total count as well as for specific microorganism identification. These media are extremely convenient to use and are supplied in different packaging combinations to suit use.

Dehydrated microbiology culture media from VWR Chemicals are premixed and fast dissolving for easy making up when needed to cultivate and isolate microorganisms. Manufactured under the strictest cGMP standards - these media are available in 500 g and 5 kg.

Microbiology additives and supplements enhance the growth effectiveness of the base media by compensating for characteristics that the base may lack. Such additives and supplements allow users to customise the media used for optimal microorganism growth.

Contact plates and flexible Dip Slides are a simple and quick method to check for the hygiene status of surfaces by evaluating microbiological contamination.
Microbiology base materials allow researchers to create specialised mixtures to meet the cultivation requirements of fastidious and non-fastidious organisms. Base materials provide the nutrient-rich environment that in vitro cells need for microorganism cultivation.

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VWR offers a wide range of solutions for microbiological control dedicated to the Industrial market sector...