Cleanroom Wipes and Swabs

Cleanroom wipes are amongst the most important consumables in the cleanroom and controlled environments. They are integral to a complex cleaning process which removes contaminants generally invisible to the naked eye and support the maintenance of good basic hygiene together with a clean visual impression.

To ensure efficient cleaning, the cleanroom wipes must be able to absorb a wide range of surface contaminants in the shortest possible time and without themselves distributing further pollution in the form of particles, fibres, ions or microbiological contaminants.

Because cleanroom requirements vary widely, the selected wipes must be appropriate to the application. The various materials and structures of the wipes have a major effect on their technical and functional performance.



Our cleanroom wipes are available in many different variants and dimensions for your individual cleanroom applications (such as pre-wetted, sterile, non-sterile wipers and wipes with sealed borders).

Dispenser for Wipes

Plexiglass dispenser for a clean storage of your cleanroom wipe assortment, suitable for table dispensing.

Special Accessories

We offer a range of tools to match special cleaning tasks like the Cyto bench top protector or mitts.


For the removal of strong and pasty contamination in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Low-linting and highly absorbent.


Swabs are available with a wide variety of handle and head forms, also as an ESD version.