Cleanroom Packaging

We offer a wide range of products for demanding packaging applications in cleanrooms and controlled environments such as suitability for sterilisation, low particle contamination, resistance to most chemicals, high quality sealing or antistatic. Flat bags, easy-tear-bags or tubes are available. Transparent foils offer the advantage of product visibility. The range also includes foils suitable for printing.

All cleanroom packaging types are available for various cleanroom classes as well as packages for machines and devices of all sizes or other oversized sterilised goods. Sealing devices are available upon request.

Tyvek Packaging

Made of transparent foil with very low gas residue, extremely low particle contamination and outstanding barrier characteristics.

Transparent Paper Packaging

Transparent and printable foil. Unlimited suitability for steam-, ethylene-oxide- and formaldehyde-sterilisation.

Knives and Cutters

For easy opening of packaging and other cutting work in cleanrooms. Reusable and disposable versions available.