Cleanroom Furniture

Space is at a premium in cleanrooms where every square metre is expensive. As a result there are no standard solutions and no standard sizes.

The stainless steel cleanroom furniture, which is electrically conductive, consists of vertical supports with solid faces and perforated horizontal tops to reduce disturbance of the vertically directed laminar flow. Moving and cleaning the furniture is also facilitated. The holes in the tops have a diameter of 8-10 mm and are chamfered on both sides.

Chairs and Stools

High quality cleanroom chairs with technical and ergonomic features for health and safety. Minimal particle emission and reliable elimination of electrostatic charges.


Top solid or perforated for an optimum routing of airflow. Made from stainless steel. Equipment in chrome-plated steel, melamine face chipboard or plastic available.


Cleanroom shelving made of stainless steel or chrome-plated in different heights.

Utility Carts

Made of stainless steel in different designs and sizes with 2 or 3 wire or solid shelves.

Dispenser Systems

Dispenser systems for storing and easy pull-out of disposables, wipers or removal of gloves from boxes.