Cleanroom Bucket Systems

Stainless steel Cleanroom Cleaning Equipment

Available as single- and double-bucket systems. Accessories are completely autoclavable (can be disassembled into individual parts) and have a GMP conformant design.
The cleanroom compatibility of the cleaning equipment is ensured through long-term practical tests. Available with mop and mop frame. All versions with Ringo flat squeezer ES-CR. Can be optionally upgraded with surface cleaning unit. Additional accessories or product-specific adaptations are available on request.

Systembox EasyMop GMP®

The patented MopJump-system with displacement area allows for any easy impregnation of the mop head as well as a contact-free pick up. The EasyMop GMP® Systembox is suitable for 10 mops. Triple sealing ensures that the box is securely closed. The MicroSicuro CR/A mops are made of special yarn suitable for cleanrooms (ISO 5). Material is developed especially for the impregnation method.

The EasyMop GMP-System Trolley is also made of stainless steel, GMP-conform, with special autoclavable wheels and with up to 4 boxes.

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Single- and Double-Bucket Systems

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