Your Role

Support for Every Professional Engaged in Science

Like every individual working within the scientific environment, you have a unique set of concerns and needs that determine your contribution to the overall success of the research, development, quality, or production in your organization. However, prioritizing the importance of one set of needs can often lead to the neglect of another, creating a ripple effect that ultimately weakens the progress and efficiency of the organization.

This is why Avantor Services offers a collaborative process and customized solutions unique to your role in science – from research scientists and contract managers, to procurement managers through clinical trial directors. Whether you are looking for support for your scientific workflows, tail end spend, or clinical trials, our team has the tools and services to help you do it better. We also offer biorepository services, custom packaging and kitting services, and logistics services to keep your processes moving forward, so you can focus on innovation.

Find your role below to get access to the resources that are most important to you, or explore all the pages for an overview of the ways Avantor Sciences is dedicated to enabling science for everyone in your lab.

Research Scientist

Leave the repetitive and administrative distractions to our expert team and get back to the core of your research.

Laboratory Quality Manager

Find all the resources and insights you’ll need to run your laboratory output smoothly and efficiently.

Laboratory Manager

Keep your facilities running smoothly and safely with help from our team’s unique tools, experiences, and insight.

Clinical Trials Director

Discover worldwide support from our Clinical & Biorepository Services for the sourcing, compliance, management, and delivery of your custom kits, equipment, and ancillary supplies.

Procurement Manager

Streamline your process from purchase to delivery and increase your year-over-year savings with our supplier solutions.

Facility Operations Manager

Explore how we can ensure that your dependable services and fully functional laboratory building always safeguard accurate scientific results.

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Manager

Let us help you implement your commitment to making your facility a safer and more productive place.

Cleanroom Scientist

Our product portfolio and team of experts are here to help keep your production and research flawless and efficient.

Equipment Service Manager

Help keep your laboratory tools ahead of necessary maintenance and the technological curve with our expertise.

Contract Manager

Use our insight and experience with key metrics, savings, terms, and more to help you make the right decisions.

Production Manager

We can help you navigate factors both in and out of your control to ensure minimal interruptions to your processes.

Process Excellence Manager

Benefit from our proven success in techniques and practices that will deliver measurable business and quality results.